Wind Energy is not as green as it appears. It costs the taxpayers billions and hurts everyone in the long run. KNOW your facts. Volunteer TODAY and make your voice heard and your life and community matter!

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Want to get involved?  Would you like more information?  Would you like to attend a meeting?  Contact us using our form below. does not accept donations at this time but, we are looking for individuals who can help with getting the word out or who are willing to sponsor printing and mailing costs.  An example would be:  You ask what needs we have. We explain that a mass mailing in our community might cost $100.    We set up the mailing, tell you the amount and you write a check to the post office directly; not to us.  There is no exchange of money with us but project costs are covered.  No accounting and no extra paperwork or tax exempt status necessary.

Ways to get involved:

  • Mail folding
  • Information passing
  • Getting the word out to friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.  (Please use the LIKE BUTTON and the SHARE BUTTON – BOTH – for best exposure.)
  • Link to our site in your emails or on your own blogs and personal websites.
  • Ask friends, family and business associates to visit our site and pass the word.

Thank you for taking time to visit our site.  Please let us know what you think and how we can work together to get the word out.




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