Wind Energy is not as green as it appears. It costs the taxpayers billions and hurts everyone in the long run. KNOW your facts. Volunteer TODAY and make your voice heard and your life and community matter!

Contact Your Elected Officials

Contact Your Elected Officials

Nov 17, 2012

We recommend doing everything personally possible to end wind power occupation.  Start by contacting those on the list that represent your area.

Contact to your elected officialsand share your opinion of the project. See the list below or if you are not sure who represents you visit this site find out according to your address. Then send an email, letter or call them.

  • Use facts.

  • Make your letters count.

  • Call our representatives and let them know how you feel about Industrial Wind Turbines taking over NH!

    Senator Kelly Ayotte- 1200 Elm Street, Suite 2 Manchester, NH 3101 Phone: 603-622-7979
    Senator Jeanne Shaheen – 1589 Elm Street, Suite 3 Manchester, NH 03101 Ph: 603-647-7500
    Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter – PO Box 453 Rochester, NH 03866 Phone: 603-531-9653
    Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster – 15 N Main St, Level 3 Concord, NH. 03302 Phone: 603-225 3327
    Governor Margaret Wood Hassan – 107 N. Main St. Room 302 Concord, NH 03301 (603) 271-4153 NH State
    Senate, District 2 Jeanie Forrester State House, Room 105-A Concord, NH 03301-4951 603-271-2104

  • Please click here to email the 361 Commission Members  to express your support for a moratorium–especially as it relates to the wind turbine project.   (This will populate your email with all of their addresses at once to make it easier.)  OR click on the individual email addresses below.SB361 Commission Members:
    Senator Jeanie Forrester
    jeanie.forrester@leg.state.nh.usRep. Paul Simard
    paul.simard@leg.state.nh.usRep. Jacqueline Cali-Pitts
    cali0917@aol.comRep. Laurence Rappaport
    rapp@lmr.comAdministrator Susan Thorne
    susan.thorne@nh.govEnergy Manager Karen L. Monahan (Rantamaki)
    Deputy Commissioner Michael P. Pillsbury
    mpillsbury@dot.state.nh.usAdministrator Timothy W. Drew
    timothy.drew@des.nh.govIndustrial Agent Benoit L. Lamontagne
    mailto:blamontagne@dred.state.nh.usDirector Thomas Franz
    tom.frantz@puc.nh.govDirector of Property Apraisal Stephan Hamilton

Here is a response from Jeanne Forrester to April Dugan:

Dear Ms. Dugan:
Thanks for your email re: the Wild Meadows Wind Farm. I am aware of the project and appreciate your feedback.
I too have great concerns about private, elective projects that will alter our landscape. We are working on legislation now to call for a moratorium until a comprehensive energy plan can be created. I urge you to write or email all your elected officials (Governor elect Hassan, Senate, House, Executive Council) and let them know about your concerns.
Jeanie Forrester
NH State Senate, District 2
State House, Room 105-A
Concord, NH 03301-4951


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