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Environmental Impact of Wind Energy

The environmental impact of wind energy can and will include many areas.

Browse the articles below to learn more about how your environmental impact of wind energy may present itself:


Shirley Wisconsin Wind Project Noise Health Effects

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Below is a letter explaining the Shirley Wisconsin Wind Project Noise Health Effects testing done recently.  The email explaining the document is listed below to begin reading. 

Download the entire document here:

Shirley,_Wisconsin,_ILFN_Report_12-28-12 (more…)

Low Frequency Noise Health Effects

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Low Frequency Noise Health Effects

Wind turbine issues include the impact of low frequency noise health effects on the inner ear leading to hearing damage, vertigo and more.

Here is an excerpt of an article regarding studies being done on this topic of Low Frequency Noise to get you started.  You can read the entire article here: LowFrequencyNoise

Two effects of Low Frequency Noise; dizziness and vertigo to start (more…)

Estimated Carbon Footprint of Wind Turbines in Groton Wind Project

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It is difficult to say exactly what the carbon footprint of wind turbines for the Groton Wind Project would be but not difficult to make some reasonable estimations.

Here is a conversation sent to us by a gentlemen involved.  These are his guestimates and no more but it is not hard to follow the logic.

Estimated Carbon Footprint of Wind Turbines in Groton Wind Project (more…)

Iberdrola Hardscrabble Complaint

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Iberdrola Hardscrabble Complaint

The following is the summary of the Iberdrola Hardscrabble Complaint filed with the Supreme Court of NY.




  1. 60 plaintiffs (not clear if it is 60 different homes as several share the same last name)
  2. Wind turbines being in close proximity to their homes
  3. All plaintiffs live within a mile of the wind farm (more…)

Wind Effects Noise

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Wind Effects Noise

If you have ever heard a strong wind outside your wind you may find this article on wind effects noise interesting.  It is not about a small amount of almost charming, howling wind against the window while you snuggle up inside.  This is serious wind noise and it is being documented and studied in reference to wind farms.

The following is an excerpt, followed by a link to the whole story:

Industrial wind turbines (IWTs) are a new source of noise in previously quiet rural environments. Environmental noise is a public health concern, of which sleep disruption is a major factor. To compare sleep and general health outcomes between participants living close to IWTs and those living further away from them, participants living between 375 and 1400 m (n = 38) and 3.3 and 6.6 km (n = 41) from IWTs were enrolled in a stratified cross-sectional study involving two rural sites. (more…)

Lowell Wind Turbines

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Lowell Wind Turbines

Residents of the Lowell Mountain area of Vermont were promised that the noise from the Lowell wind turbines would be minimal. According to WCAX evening news tonight, the wind power is anything but quiet.

Locals were surprised that as of this writing the turbines were not even operating yet and there was already a troubling level of noise.  Wind turbines are supposed to be online until sometime in December 2012 and yet an operator told the nightly news team that when there is a certain kind of wind, moisture and temperature there will be noise.  She went on to say that this is uncommon and should not be the case when they are up and running. (more…)