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Estimated Carbon Footprint of Wind Turbines in Groton Wind Project

It is difficult to say exactly what the carbon footprint of wind turbines for the Groton Wind Project would be but not difficult to make some reasonable estimations.

Here is a conversation sent to us by a gentlemen involved.  These are his guestimates and no more but it is not hard to follow the logic.

Estimated Carbon Footprint of Wind Turbines in Groton Wind Project

Hi Joe,

If the Groton Turbines were installed using roads 75 feet wide and there was 10 or so miles of road put in…..that would translate to about 92 acres  if I’m calculating it right. {I believe I am}

However, according to the World Land Trust:
“An acre of mature forest stores 109 tons of Carbon Dioxide on average.”

So the Groton Wind Farm’s construction took down 92 acres of  mature forest which translates to just over 10,000 tons of released carbon dioxide according  to the WLT figure cited here.

“As forests mature they sequester greater and greater amounts of carbon each year.”

“The deforestation of mature forests is responsible for 20% of the global CO2    emissions more than the cumulative emissions of cars, boats and planes.”

So it’s not just the released CO2 with the 92 acres……it’s also the future storage capacity of the many thousands of trees they took down permanently.

If NH is looking at 4.500 turbines as part of the future……imagine the damage that will do.

Not sure if this helps or not, Joe, but I do think this is worth our looking at closely.


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