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Hardscrabble Wind Farm News

Hardscrabble Wind Farm news continues to be in the spotlight. It seems that locals are unjustly having liens placed on their lands while Saunders Concrete and Iberdrola duke it out.

Read about it in the full article but as you do, consider as to whether it is something you might find yourself in the middle of one day, in your own backyard.

Residents targeted by subcontractor who wants to be paid for work

Concrete company places nearly $2M lien on wind project property

A dispute involving a subcontractor for the Hardscrabble Wind Farm has resulted in a mechanic’s lien being placed on all of the property owners with wind turbines on their land.

The Saunders Concrete Co. also placed the lien on some people who don’t have turbines on their property, the city of Little Falls and the Herkimer County Industrial Development Agency, according to the lien document and interviews with landowners.

Fairfield resident Donald Dixon, 74, has two wind turbines on his property and was listed in the mechanic’s lien.

“When I got that, I read it and thought, ‘They’re crazy,’” Dixon said. “What are we going to do as owners of the land? We had nothing to do with their cement.”

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