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Iberdrola Hardscrabble Lawsuit

Iberdrola Hardscrabble lawsuit medical issues that plaintiffs complained of:

  • Diane Abele – frequent headaches from lack of sleep and constant stress
  • Holly Ashley – difficulty sleeping
  • William Ashley – difficulty sleeping
  • Wendy Bramer’s teenage son Adam Bramer – experienced dizziness and sinus problems.  Also has an adult daughter with seizure     disorders who can no longer visit her parents in their home because of the flicker and the noise.
  • Linda Brauer – severe difficulty sleeping due to noise
  • Bryan Brauer – can not get a good nights sleep because the turbine noise wakes him even with the windows closed
  • Melissa Butcher – difficulty falling asleep due to noise and flicker
  • Vicky Dagar – allergies have worsened
  • Cynthia Depew – constant ringing in her ears and anxiety
  • Vincent Depew – experiences high anziety, stress and depression, cannot be inside or outside his property without hearing and feeling the vibrations of the turbines
  • Keith Dillenbeck – experiences increased stress, nervousness, a feeling of being on edge and disturbed sleep as well as a constant     irritating noise
  • Steven Fuller – woken up frequently and his daughter experiences frequent headaches
  • Diane Fuller – frequent headaches and stress
  • Cheryl Gorinshek – severe case of vertigo, disturbed by noise and red-flashing lights at night
  • Wava Gross – trouble sleeping at night
  • Joseph Harrod – daily severe headaches
  • Victoria Harrod – intense migrain headaches, trouble sleeping due to noise and flickering
  • Gary Lamphere – headaches
  • Pamela Marshall – increased blood pressure
  • Heidi Millington – cannot sleep at night, constant ringing in her ears, migraines and nausea
  • Tom Millington – cannot sleep at night
  • Andrew Misura – constant “whoosing” from turbines drives him crazy
  • Susan Mosher – anxiety and heart palpitations
  • Carolyn Riesel – increased blood pressure, nervousness
  • June Salamone – hospitalized for partial third-nerve palsy, tension headaches and elevated ICP, increased headaches, nervous/tension feelings of panic and anxiety, dizziness and sleep disturbance, cannot get an uninterrupted night of sleep, flickers cast shadows through     her house that cause a feeling of imbalance and dizziness
  • James Salamone – constant ringing and pressure in his ears as well as earaches and headaches that last for days, very stressed and  irritable, disturbed sleep
  • John Salamone – aggravation and nervousness
  • William Timmerman – unable to sleep sometimes, exacerbated issues with post traumatic stress disorders from military service
  • Patrick Williams - difficulty sleeping
  • Bonnie Williams – sleep interrupted
  • Gina Maria Volpe – increased stress
  • Lisa Sementilli – Daughter with Central Auditory Processing Disorder cannot visit

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