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Low Frequency Noise Health Effects

Low Frequency Noise Health Effects

Dec 18, 2012

Wind turbine issues include the impact of low frequency noise health effects on the inner ear leading to hearing damage, vertigo and more.

Here is an excerpt of an article regarding studies being done on this topic of Low Frequency Noise to get you started.  You can read the entire article here: LowFrequencyNoise

Two effects of Low Frequency Noise; dizziness and vertigo to start

Low-frequency sound may cause endolymphatic hydrops, which may result in vertigo. We
assume that physiological process as lymphatic flow and helicotrema blockage cannot resolve as
quickly as sound can be turned off. Therefore, the dizziness may persist after the low-frequency sound vanished. As a consequence, LFN-measurement may yield zero result while the sufferer still has the physical complaint.

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