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Lowell Wind Turbines

Lowell Wind Turbines

Nov 15, 2012

Residents of the Lowell Mountain area of Vermont were promised that the noise from the Lowell wind turbines would be minimal. According to WCAX evening news tonight, the wind power is anything but quiet.

Locals were surprised that as of this writing the turbines were not even operating yet and there was already a troubling level of noise.  Wind turbines are supposed to be online until sometime in December 2012 and yet an operator told the nightly news team that when there is a certain kind of wind, moisture and temperature there will be noise.  She went on to say that this is uncommon and should not be the case when they are up and running.

Residents were told that 45 decibels would be the high range and that amount is the background noise in a library.  At 3.5 miles away from the structures Mike Nelson could hear those “library” sounds throughout the weekend.  The Lowell wind turbines appear to be anything but quiet.

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