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NHPR Wind Farm News

NHPR Wind Farm News

Nov 28, 2012


Thursday, Nov. 29th, NHPR (89.1FM) program “The Exchange” will air with Ed Charion, from Iberdrola, and Lisa Linowes, Wind Watch supporter and professional intervenor for Turbine opposition groups, will be discussing the Wild Meadows project in Alexandria, Danbury, and Grafton, along with Sam Evans Brown, environmental reporter for NHPR.   The program airs 9 am, and  8 pm.

It is a call in show as well. Call in: 1-800-892-6477 so write down your questions/comments while they are discussing, and press those phone keys! SPREAD THE WORD, let’s get listeners and comments from Newfound Lake Wind Watchers from around our region. (You can only call in at the 9 a.m. time, as the evening broadcast is a taped repeat.)

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