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Representatives Who Voted Against Wind Power

Below is a list of representatives who voted against wind power in 2012.  They have been called “villain” by their opponents and it is said that they are advocates of dirty air and a dirty environment.    You decide who the are really fighting for and see if maybe they are actually standing up for the “little guys” like those who will suffer under the Wild Meadows Wind Project.

May we suggest that you call them and thank them for standing up for the “little guys”?  After all, many of them have lost their seats over issues like this one.


  • Robert-b-aderholt”> Aderholt, Robert, Alabama, 4th
  • Bachus, Spencer, Alabama, 6th
  • Bonner, Jo, Alabama, 1st
  • Brooks, Mo, Alabama, 5th
  • Roby, Martha, Alabama, 2nd
  • Rogers, Michael D., Alabama, 3rd



  • Franks, Trent, Arizona, 2nd
  • Gosar, Paul, Arizona, 1st
  • Schweikert, David, Arizona, 5th


  • Crawford, Eric, Arkansas, 1st
  • Griffin, Tim, Arkansas, 2nd
  • Womack, Steve, Arkansas, 3rd


  • Bono Mack, Mary, California, 45th
  • Calvert, Ken, California, 44th
  • Denham, Jeffrey John, California, 19th
  • Dreier, David, California, 26th
  • Herger, Wally, California, 2nd
  • Hunter, Duncan D., California, 52nd
  • Issa, Darrell E., California, 49th
  • Lungren, Daniel E., California, 3rd
  • McCarthy, Kevin, California, 22nd
  • McClintock, Tom, California, 4th
  • McKeon, Howard P., California, 25th
  • Nunes, Devin, California, 21st
  • Rohrabacher, Dana, California, 46
  • Royce, Edward R., California, 40th


  • Coffman, Michael, Colorado, 6th
  • Gardner, Cory, Colorado, 4th
  • Lamborn, Doug, Colorado, 5th
  • Tipton, Scott R., Colorado, 3rd




  • Adams, Sandra, Florida, 24th
  • Buchanan, Vern, Florida, 13th
  • Crenshaw, Ander, Florida, 4th
  • Mica, John L., Florida, 7th
  • Nugent, Richard, Florida, 5th
  • Posey, Bill, Florida, 15th
  • Rivera, David M., Florida, 25th
  • Rooney, Tom, Florida, 16th
  • Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana, Florida, 18th
  • Ross, Dennis, Florida, 12th
  • Southerland, Steve, Florida, 2nd
  • Stearns, Cliff, Florida, 6th
  • Webster, Daniel, Florida, 8th
  • West, Allen, Florida, 22nd


  • Broun, Paul, Georgia, 10th
  • Gingrey, J. Phillip, Georgia, 11th
  • Graves, Tom, Georgia, 9th
  • Kingston, Jack, Georgia, 1st
  • Price, Tom, Georgia, 6th
  • Scott, Austin, Georgia, 8th
  • Westmoreland, Lynn A., Georgia, 3rd
  • Woodall, Rob, Georgia, 7th



  • Labrador, Raul R., Idaho, 1st
  • Simpson, Michael K., Idaho, 2nd


  • Hultgren, Randall M., Illinois, 14th
  • Kinzinger, Adam, Illinois, 11th
  • Manzullo, Donald A., Illinois, 16th
  • Roskam, Peter, Illinois, 6th
  • Schilling, Robert, Illinois, 17th
  • Shimkus, John, Illinois, 19th
  • Walsh, Joe, Illinois, 8th


  • Bucshon, Larry, Indiana, 8th
  • Rokita, Todd, Indiana, 4th
  • Stutzman, Marlin A., Indiana, 3rd
  • Young, Todd, Indiana, 9th


  • King, Steve, Iowa, 5th
  • Latham, Tom, Iowa, 4th


  • Huelskamp, Tim, Kansas, 1st
  • Jenkins, Lynn, Kansas, 2nd
  • Pompeo, Mike, Kansas, 4th
  • Yoder, Kevin, Kansas, 3rd


  • Davis, Geoff, Kentucky, 4th
  • Guthrie, Brett, Kentucky, 2nd
  • Rogers, Harold, Kentucky, 5th
  • Whitfield, Ed, Kentucky, 1st


  • Alexander, Rodney, Louisiana, 5th
  • Boustany, Charles W., Louisiana, 7th
  • Cassidy, Bill, Louisiana, 6th
  • Fleming, John, Louisiana, 4th
  • Landry, Jeff, Louisiana, 3rd



  • Harris, Andy, Maryland, 1st



  • Amash, Justin, Michigan, 3rd
  • Benishek, Dan, Michigan, 1st
  • Huizenga, Bill, Michigan, 2nd
  • McCotter, Thaddeus G., Michigan, 11th
  • Miller, Candice S., Michigan, 10th
  • Rogers, Mike, Michigan, 8th
  • Upton, Fred, Michigan, 6th
  • Walberg, Tim, Michigan, 7th


  • Cravaack, Chip, Minnesota, 8th
  • Kline, John Paul, Minnesota, 2nd
  • Paulsen, Erik, Minnesota, 3rd


  • Harper, Gregg, Mississippi, 3rd
  • Nunnelee, Patrick Alan, Mississippi, 1st
  • Palazzo, Steven, Mississippi, 4th


  • Akin, W. Todd, Missouri, 2nd
  • Emerson, Jo Ann, Missouri, 8th
  • Graves, Sam, Missouri, 6th
  • Hartzler, Vicky, Missouri, 4th
  • Long, Billy, Missouri, 7th
  • Luetkemeyer, Blaine, Missouri, 9th


  • Rehberg, Dennis R., Montana, 1st


  • Fortenberry, Jeffrey, Nebraska, 1st
  • Smith, Adrian M., Nebraska, 3rd
  • Terry, Lee, Nebraska, 2nd


  • Heck, Joseph, Nevada, 3rd

New Hampshire

  • Guinta, Frank, New Hampshire, 1st

New Jersey

  • Garrett, Scott, New Jersey, 5th

New Mexico

  • Pearce, Steve, New Mexico, 2nd

New York

  • Buerkle, Ann Marie, New York, 25th
  • Hanna, Richard, New York, 24th
  • King, Peter T., New York, 3rd
  • Reed, Tom, New York, 29th

North Carolina

  • Ellmers, Renee, North Carolina, 2nd
  • Foxx, Virginia, North Carolina, 5th
  • McHenry, Patrick T., North Carolina, 10th

North Dakota

  • Berg, Rick, North Dakota, 1st


  • Austria, Steve, Ohio, 7th
  • Boehner, John, Ohio, 8th
  • Chabot, Steven, Ohio, 1st
  • Gibbs, Bob, Ohio, 18th
  • Johnson, Bill, Ohio, 6th
  • Jordan, Jim, Ohio, 4th
  • LaTourette, Steven C., Ohio, 14th
  • Latta, Robert E., Ohio, 5th
  • Renacci, Jim, Ohio, 16th
  • Schmidt, Jean, Ohio, 2nd
  • Stivers, Steve, Ohio, 15th
  • Tiberi, Patrick J., Ohio, 12th
  • Turner, Michael R., Ohio, 3rd


  • Cole, Tom, Oklahoma, 4th
  • Lankford, James, Oklahoma, 5th
  • Lucas, Frank, Oklahoma, 3rd


  • Walden, Greg, Oregon, 2nd


  • Barletta, Lou, Pennsylvania, 11th
  • Dent, Charles W., Pennsylvania, 15th
  • Fitzpatrick, Michael, Pennsylvania, 8th
  • Kelly, Mike, Pennsylvania, 3rd
  • Marino, Thomas, Pennsylvania, 10th
  • Meehan, Patrick, Pennsylvania, 7th
  • Murphy, Timothy F., Pennsylvania, 18th
  • Pitts, Joseph R., Pennsylvania, 16th
  • Shuster, William, Pennsylvania, 9th
  • Thompson, Glenn, Pennsylvania, 5th

Rhode Island

South Carolina

  • Duncan, Jeff, South Carolina, 3rd
  • Gowdy, Trey, South Carolina, 4th
  • Mulvaney, Mick, South Carolina, 5th
  • Scott, Tim, South Carolina, 1st
  • Wilson, Joe, South Carolina, 2nd

South Dakota

  • Noem, Kristi, South Dakota, 1st


  • Black, Diane, Tennessee, 6th
  • Blackburn, Marsha W., Tennessee, 7th
  • DesJarlais, Scott, Tennessee, 4th
  • Duncan, John J., Tennessee, 2nd
  • Fincher, Stephen, Tennessee, 8th
  • Fleischmann, Chuck, Tennessee, 3rd
  • Roe, David, Tennessee, 1st


  • Barton, Joe, Texas, 6th
  • Brady, Kevin, Texas, 8th
  • Canseco, Francisco, Texas, 23rd
  • Carter, John R., Texas, 31st
  • Conaway, K. Michael, Texas, 11th
  • Culberson, John Abney, Texas, 7th
  • Flores, Bill, Texas, 17th
  • Gohmert, Louie, Texas, 1st
  • Hall, Ralph M., Texas, 4th
  • Hensarling, Thomas J., Texas, 5th
  • Johnson, Sam, Texas, 3rd
  • Marchant, Kenny, Texas, 24th
  • McCaul, Michael T., Texas, 10th
  • Neugebauer, Robert, Texas, 19th
  • Olson, Pete, Texas, 22nd
  • Poe, Ted, Texas, 2nd
  • Sessions, Pete, Texas, 32nd
  • Thornberry, Mac, Texas, 13th


  • Bishop, Robert W., Utah, 1st
  • Chaffetz, Jason, Utah, 3rd



  • Cantor, Eric, Virginia, 7th
  • Forbes, J. Randy, Virginia, 4th
  • Goodlatte, Bob, Virginia, 6th
  • Griffith, Morgan H., Virginia, 9th
  • Hurt, Robert, Virginia, 5th
  • Rigell, Scott E., Virginia, 2nd


  • Hastings, Doc, Washington, 4th
  • Herrera Beutler, Jaime, Washington, 3rd
  • McMorris Rodgers, Cathy, Washington, 5th

West Virginia

  • Capito, Shelley Moore, West Virginia, 2nd
  • McKinley, David, West Virginia, 1st


  • Duffy, Sean, Wisconsin, 7th
  • Ribble, Reid, Wisconsin, 8th
  • Ryan, Paul, Wisconsin, 1st
  • Sensenbrenner, F. James, Wisconsin, 5th


  • Lummis, Cynthia M., Wyoming, 1st

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