Wind Energy is not as green as it appears. It costs the taxpayers billions and hurts everyone in the long run. KNOW your facts. Volunteer TODAY and make your voice heard and your life and community matter!

Windfall movie showing

This Sunday at 2:00pm Danbury Community Center will have a showing of the movie ‘Windfall.’   This video is well worth the time, and it is a great opportunity for us to support the folks in Danbury.  If you are available on Sunday I hope to see you there!! It is a GREAT way to avoid the black flies for the afternoon.

Windfall (2010) PosterStoryline:

Wind power… It’s green… It’s good… It reduces our dependency on foreign oil… That’s what the people of Meredith, in upstate New York first thought when a wind developer looked to supplement this farm town’s failing economy with a farm of their own — that of 40 industrial wind turbines. Attracted at first to the financial incentives, residents grow increasingly alarmed as they discover side effects they never dreamed of, as well as the potential for disturbing financial scams. With wind development growing rapidly at 39% annually in the US, WINDFALL is an eye-opener for anyone concerned about the future of renewable energy.

Windmills – wind turbines -  are not so green.

Wind Energy Forum

A Wind Energy Forum

Conducted by the NH House Science, Technology, and Energy Committee  April 30th.

Our Goal: To become better informed by current research and experience on what an effective, efficient, and well balanced approval process should included by addressing:

● What costs and benefits need to be included in the review process.
● What are the difficulties in acquiring accurate data to assess costs and benefits.
● Are there existing evaluation guidelines that have proven useful in accessing specific impact areas. What are their strengths and
● From concept to production, how well is the existing approval process serving the needs of New Hampshire.

Production Tax Credit Wind

In the news, quietly nagging, is the question of whether or not the Production Tax Credit will expire now that the deadline has passed.  Without the Production Tax Credit wind projects may not stand a chance at new start ups.   Congress and wind power are not a good match right now as the expiration date has already passed.

These are not only the politics of wind power but about one more debt added to the heap we can’t seem to come up from already. The expiration of the credit would certainly be good news for millions who have already figured out that the financial implications are high and we are being bled dry by greedy corporations who know how to take but not give back.

Here are a few excerpts from the Huffington Post regarding the possible expiration of the Product Tax Credit that has been in place since 1992.  Decide for yourself.  This author wonders where YOUR children will get the money to pay back all this debt when companies like Iberdrola Renewables has their credit are heading for the Spanish hills.

Republican opposition to renewable energy tax breaks has been galvanized by anger over a failed solar project backed by the Obama administration. Republicans referred to that project, a start-up company called Solyndra, several times in the letter.

“The Obama administration has poured billions into subsidizing its favored green energy sources,” reads the letter dated Sept. 21 from House Republicans to Boehner, also a Republican. “Twenty years of subsidizing wind is more than enough.”


The so-called production tax credit has made wind and solar installations more financially appealing for investors, encouraging new projects. But with each passing day absent movement in Congress toward renewing the credit, investors grow more skittish about pouring money into wind and solar installations, fearful that they will not be able to secure a return on their capital, as the tax credits have traditionally reduced the cost of new projects by one-third.

Northern Pass News

Nashua Telegraph – December 28, 2012

NE grid operator needs to do more

Letter to the Editor

There is much to applaud in the New England regional grid operator’s (ISO-NE’s) decision to defer the construction of $260 in transmission lines due to the energy efficiency investments in the region (The Telegraph, Dec. 18). But rather than simply acknowledge the existence of energy efficiency, ISO-NE could be doing much more in its planning process to promote the adoption of energy efficiency as an alternative to costly new transmission.

Tug Mountain Wind Farm Canaan

Tug Mountain Wind Farm – Canaan, NH

New England’s fifth wind farm, on Tug Mountain in Canaan, NH, was installed in 1984 and went on line in 1985. It consisted of ten 60-kW Danish wind turbines manufactured by Micon. Like others installed in the mid-1980s, this 600-kW wind farm performed better than its predecessors. In 1987, it produced 541,200 kWh for a capacity factor of 10.3%. (“Capacity factor” is the actual energy output divided by the theoretical maximum output if the machine operated at peak capacity all the time.) This performance is comparable to California wind farms installed during the same period, but it is well below the performance of newer wind farms. Tug Mountain’s lackluster performance was reportedly due to frequent problems with the interconnection to the local utility and wind speeds considered low for a commercial wind farm. The Canaan turbines were relocated to California in 1988, after the owner concluded that it was not cost-effective to operate such a small wind farm so far from its service facilities.

Hardscrabble Wind Farm News

Hardscrabble Wind Farm news continues to be in the spotlight. It seems that locals are unjustly having liens placed on their lands while Saunders Concrete and Iberdrola duke it out.

Read about it in the full article but as you do, consider as to whether it is something you might find yourself in the middle of one day, in your own backyard.

Residents targeted by subcontractor who wants to be paid for work

Concrete company places nearly $2M lien on wind project property

Newfound Lake Fights Wind Turbines

Newfound Lake Fights Wind Turbines

Nov 21, 2012

Newfound Lake is under turbine attack

By By RAY CUNNINGHAM For the Monitor

Monday, November 19, 2012
(Published in print: Tuesday, November 20, 2012)

NewfoundlakemapI’m one of thousands of residents who oppose industrial wind power development on Newfound Lake.

I’m not some “green” environmentalist who wants to stop all commercial development in New Hampshire.