Wind Energy is not as green as it appears. It costs the taxpayers billions and hurts everyone in the long run. KNOW your facts. Volunteer TODAY and make your voice heard and your life and community matter!

What Can I Do?

What can I do?”  is music to our ears.  There are many ways to get involved but everyone can start by following these simple suggestions:

What Can I Do?

Whether you are for or against the Wild Meadows Wind Project, it is up to you to protect yourself and to know the facts about how everyone is affected by this trend.

 1: First and foremost – ACT QUICKLY. Complacency is kills great ideas and campaigns. Don’t be part of why something doesn’t happen; be part of something worthwhile that does.


 3: Call your Local Selectman/woman and tell him/her your opinion:


Steve Darrow 523-4678

Jenny Joyce 523-7255

David Rienzo 523-7523


Don Sharp 744-3220

Larry Stickney 744-3220

Kenneth Hall 744-3220


James Phelps 768-3313

Sandra Spencer 768-3313

Lyn England 768-3313

4: Stay informed –

  • Visit our site and read about the issues for yourself.

  • Find links to the information you need to be informed.

  • Click on the “like” button and “share” us with your friends on Facebook.

  • Follow Us on Twitter and receive updates on your phone or your twitter account oline. (These links are all on our site.)

5: Contact to your elected officials and share your opinion of the project. See the list below or if you are not sure who represents you visit this site find out according to your address. Then send an email, letter or call them.

  • Use facts.

  • Make your letters count.

  • Call our representatives and let them know how you feel about Industrial Wind Turbines taking over NH!

    Senator Kelly Ayotte- 1200 Elm Street, Suite 2 Manchester, NH 3101 Phone: 603-622-7979
    Senator Jeanne Shaheen – 1589 Elm Street, Suite 3 Manchester, NH 03101 Ph: 603-647-7500
    Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter – PO Box 453 Rochester, NH 03866 Phone: 603-531-9653
    Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster – 15 N Main St, Level 3 Concord, NH. 03302 Phone: 603-225 3327
    Governor Margaret Wood Hassan – 107 N. Main St. Room 302 Concord, NH 03301 (603) 271-4153 NH State
    Senate, District 2 Jeanie Forrester State House, Room 105-A Concord, NH 03301-4951 603-271-2104  See the notes from the meeting
    Jeanie Forester attended.  Northern Pass Notes at the Flying Goose Pub

  • Please click here to email the 361 Commission Members  to express your support for a moratorium–especially as it relates to the wind turbine project.   (This will populate your email with all of their addresses at once to make it easier.)  OR click on the individual email addresses below.SB361 Commission Members:
    Senator Jeanie Forrester
    jeanie.forrester@leg.state.nh.usRep. Paul Simard
    paul.simard@leg.state.nh.usRep. Jacqueline Cali-Pitts

    Rep. Laurence Rappaport

    Administrator Susan Thorne

    Energy Manager Karen L. Monahan (Rantamaki)

    Deputy Commissioner Michael P. Pillsbury
    mpillsbury@dot.state.nh.usAdministrator Timothy W. Drew
    timothy.drew@des.nh.govIndustrial Agent Benoit L. Lamontagne

    Director Thomas Franz

    Director of Property Apraisal Stephan Hamilton

6:Involve other organizations as you get the word out. When you write to your local representatives or newspapers, send copies to wind advocates and proponents to let them all know about your efforts. Copy to the national media as well. If these groups and individuals know that you are regularly addressing all of them with credible information, it will make it that much harder for them to ignore you.

7: Make your views known. Call the press and ask for coverage, but be prepared for unbalanced and possibly biased reporting. Use such opportunities to get your own rebuttals printed.

 8: Lawn signs are a good way to express your opinion and will go a long way to reduce intimidation that may be keeping others from doing the same. They can be home-made or purchased. Consider using a waterproof poster board and peel and stick letters or have one made a local sign company. They are inexpensive.

9: Talk to your friends and neighbors about the project. Encourage them to act now.

What to do if you live within two miles of the project? (in addition to the above)

It is vital that we protect ourselves, our environment and our financial futures. Having records of current conditions will help to prove any changes that may occur in the coming months or years.

  • Have your doctor sign an affidavit of your health in order to match it to any future concerns that may arise.

  • Have your property value appraised.

  • Document your quality of life as you are experiencing it now. Videotape your views (sights) and the natural sounds and noises for your area. Do this at various times of the day and season. Show how sunlight affects the rooms in your house at dusk and dawn.

  • Document your TV, cordless phone and cellphone reception.

  • Have the health department record the quality and quantity of your well water, and verify the condition of any local streams and creeks.

  • Document the birds and wildlife that frequent the area.

  • Document the amount of traffic you currently experience in your neighborhood.

  • Make sure the developers (landowners leasing property) know that you are doing this. As long as you don’t keep it a secret, this documentation is a powerful measure as it might be useful later for proof.

It’s not too late yet and it is never too late to help others who will be thankful, one day, to have friends who have already traveled this path.