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Wind Farm Petition

Use our Wind Farm Petition for your own community or sign ours if you are part of the Wild Meadows Wind Project community.

A wind farm petition is used to make known the thoughts and feelings of the community; to declare their voice.  Print out the wind farm petition and have it available at each meeting or go door to door in your town.

Click here to download and print out the petition.  The wording is below but by downloading the document you will have the full document set up with signature, address and information areas to sign and fill out.


Petition to Cease Development of Wind Turbines in Alexandria, Danbury and Grafton, NH


Petition summary and background

This petition has been prepared in opposition to the “Wild Meadows” industrial wind developmentbeing proposed for construction in the towns of Grafton, Danbury, and Alexandria, New Hampshire, by

Iberdrola Renewable Energy. It is concerning that this substantial development is being considered with

minimal notice to the people in these towns, as well as to others in the surrounding communities who

are certainly going to be impacted.

We oppose this industrial wind development for the following reasons:


The known impacts that this will likely have on the public health, as well as the yet‐to‐be

determined unknown impacts is concerning. There is a minimal buffer between the proposed

towers and existing homes. There exists a real and certain threat to the health of the people in

Grafton, Danbury, and Alexandria, New Hampshire.


The fiscal impacts of the industrial windfarm extend well beyond the costs for construction.

Based on the aftermath of construction in other communities in New Hampshire, it is likely that

that this industrial wind development will cause a significant negative impact to land values in

not only the towns where it will be located, but also in surrounding communities within its


This region has a significant tourism economic engine based on tourism due to its rural

character. It is ludicrous that Iberdrola would even suggest that this industrial wind

development will be a boost to the local tourism; rather, it will likely drive them away. Already

Mount Cardigan’s pristine mountain views have been marred, this will completely destroy them.

The Appalachian Mountain Club, Ragged Mountain ski area and golf course, Ruggles Mine, and

the whole of Newfound Lake will suffer – substantially.

There is also the cost of maintaining and removing these towers. Once they have been

constructed and gone through their lifespan, it is likely going to be the responsibility of the local

communities to pay for this work. If the negative impact of an active industrial wind

development is substantial, the negative impact of the inactive and abandoned wind turbines is



It is known that thousands of birds, bats, deer, bear, and other wildlife have been killed as a

result of industrial wind farms in other areas. The pristine area where this development is

proposed is home to countless species that are critical for the local food chain, including but not

limited to:

Brook trout;



Black Bear;


Bald Eagle;





Honey bees;

And Butterflies.

This development will destroy thousands of acres of habitat FOREVER.


It is understood that electricity needs to be supplied to the general public, and that there is a

cost benefit for this. However, the actual amount of energy produced from this development

will be a mere fraction of a percent of the total energy consumption for these towns, let alone

for the state of New Hampshire.


This development has been in the planning phases for years, yet only now is it being publicly

presented in the local communities. It is significant to note that the Grafton Selectmen did not

notify the public, let alone project abutters, when they chose to grant the building notification

for the met town in this town.

The negative consequences of this industrial windfarm development far outweigh the benefits. We the

people want this stopped to protect our homes, our land, our communities.

Action petitioned for

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to stop Iberdrola Renewable Energy from the development of wind turbines in the above mentioned areas of Alexandria, Danbury and Grafton.